Laufer Planning

- now located in Monroe, NY the successor(since 1983) to Laufer & Co. formed as an NASD Member firm in 1968, as a Partnership by (my Late father) Leonard Laufer and (my late mother) Cecile Laufer. Leonard Laufer had over 35 years experience in insurance and financinal planning and two years of Law School. Sanford had the pleasure of attending Leonard's BBA graduation from Bernard Baruch School of Business in 1956.  Laufer Planning is a family run business and many of our customers have become life long friends. Since we often invest our own and our family's moneys in the programs we offer, we take extreme care in selection. By confining many investments to the strong growth and income mutual funds, we have helped many of our clients increase their net worth with a minimum of risk. After the changes in the tax law, we shifted our emphasis more firmly to either well known Mutual Funds products or programs with the principals personally known to us.
Sanford Laufer joined Laufer Planning in 1982, after leaving 16 years of supervisory and management positions in the photo-chemical industry. Sanford's contributions have been in the area of Financial Planning, Customer Accounting, Tax Preparation, and Computerization of all Business Functions, as well as new business development.
Mr. Laufer holds a Master of Business Administration with Honors, from NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and a Bachelor of Science in Photographic Science from ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. He is also enrolled to practice before the IRS.
Mr. Laufer has obtained broad management and technical experience while serving in many assignments in industry. As Technical Supervisor of the Marketing Dept. With AgfaGevaert Rex, Inc., Mr. Laufer provided supervision of product planning, product management, technical support, product development, technical literature editing and development of training programs for medical X-ray products. While at Peerless Photo Products (Now an Agfa-Gevaert subsidiary),Mr. Laufer supervised a Research and Development Laboratory which developed new photographic products. After leaving Peerless, Mr. Laufer joined Aeroflex Laboratories to work on multiplex recordng photography,(an early digital process) which was a joint venture with Agfa-Gevaert. At CBS Laboratories, Mr. Laufer developed advanced aerial reconnaissance photographic systems and  computer programs for evaluation of photo products. As Manufacturing Manager and Chief Chemist with FR Chemicals, Mr. Laufer directed the development and production of x-ray and photographic chemical products.